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Clash of magic 2022 is an exciting app that renders services to play clash of clans on a private server and has unlimited development opportunities. If you are bored and exhausted with the traditional app clash of clans and constantly losing the game because players don’t have enough resources to prepare relative troops appropriately, download the latest Clash of the magic app. Further, you can download and play our suggested game Clash Royale Mod APK and give your feedback in the comments.

This app will give a private server with unlimited resources. You can not only amaze to see its features but also groom your skills as a fine player of the game.

Now, you don’t need to complete quests to gain currency in the form of gems because you have infinite resources from the beginning. Playing Clash of magic is very simple. Here is a file of clash of magic download 2022.

This private server will help level up your troops, trains, and buildings without spending anything. In a simple language, you will have infinite resources and money. To start the game, you need to strengthen your place with upgraded buildings and trained troops with remarkable and latest strategies.

It’s time to face a real hot battle in a real sense, as all players have the same advantages of limitless resources. Developers add many building counters and good game commands, making this app fascinating and innovative. 

Features Of Clash of Magic Mod APK

Features Of Clash Of Magic
  • You will have unlimited resources and currency in the form of an elixir, gems, and gold.
  • Now, you can fascinate your game with a new dress set, attractive graphics, and required modifications in-game.
  • In the magic of clash, all maps are accessible to all players.
  • You may not be banned as it is a private server.
  • No app can beat this in terms of stability, speed and safety.
  • Don’t need to root the server/device.
  • You will play COM in real sense and in real-time.
  • You will have to face real hot battle

How Does Clash Of Magic Works?

How Does Clash Of Magic APK Works

In this article, I will tell you about the private server of Clash of Magic Apk, which has four modified sub servers (S1, S2, S3, and S4 with mod and without mod). Clash of Magic Apk has two versions, i.e., Clash of Magic Apk with modifications and Clash of Magic Apk without modification.

High-speed private servers host all versions, so you can easily manage your game at high quality and speed. You can create your war battles with friends or create your clans. You can download it from the play store of android and operating systems.

Using this app, you can customize your heroes, graphics, battlefields, costumes, and outfits. Everything is unlimited; you need to level yourself up in-game to reach higher steps. The best thing is that you can save your winning game on the server without fear of being hacked. 

Specifications Of Clash Of Magic Server


Clash of magic mod Apk is hosted by a powerful private server, which enables players to play their game at high speed and with limitless resources without any difficulty. The detail of the private server is given below;

  • CPU: 8 cores
  • Data: 1K Mbps
  • Availability:24/7 hours
  • SSD :1024GB
  • RAM :2400MHz 32GB
  • DOS protection: Enable
  • Server: 4 Sub servers(S1,S2,S3,S4)

Our team always updates the latest version of the server and Clash of magic mod Apk. Download also another related game Clash Of Clans Mod APk.

Installation Of Clash Of Magic APK mod

  • Clash of magic is easy to install. 
  • All android devices are supported to clash of magic by default. 
  • The best thing is that you can keep your original game on your phone without deleting the previous one. 
  • And if you want to play your game on a personal computer or laptop, then blue stacks are available to run this game on pc/laptop.
  • All blue stacks are free to download and play the game in a comfortable environment.
  • To install clash of magic, download apk from the prescribed link on the website.
  • 4.0.3 Android device is required for downloading the app.
  • The size of Clash of Magic is 85.6 MB.
  • All devices/screens are supported by Clash of Magic.
  • Permission is required to install on devices.
  • Allow all unknown resources for installation in the setting.
  • Give media access allowed. 
  • The game is in your hands; enjoy it with a peaceful mind. 


If you are tired of collecting resources to play the game with limited modifications and finite features, this game is for you. Download it with modification/without modification and with mod/without the mod. It depends on your personal choice.

Freedom of choice is the marvelous feature of the clash of magic. A private server allows you to utilize unlimited resources like gold, currency, and elixir. Feel free to contact me if you are in hot water. We are here to assist you.

Clash Of Magic

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