FF Mod APK v1.90.1 (Unlimited Diamond) Download

Today FF Mod Apk is playing a lot; many games are being released every day, and deciding which ones to play is often difficult. Some of the games are popular, while some aren’t. So, the FF MOD APK is a game similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in terms of Shooting Action.


What is FF Mod Apk?

It is the latest modification to the FF hack apk. It is just because the game has an identity and a following among gamers. Now, online battle games are more interesting since developers gradually refine them.However, a nother game that is most played after PUBGM is Free Fire. Therefore, more and more game developers are modifying the original game from different angles. 

Users will also find this FF Mod Apk amusing since it offers new cheats for free. Finally, a built-in mod menu allows you to apply tons of cheats. Hacks for aim, ESPs, fake names, weapons and grenades, running, and flying are prominent in FF Hack. So, if you prefer a simple game over the original one, you can download it on your Android phone now. 

Additionally, you can replace it with another updated FF Mod, the Free Fire Hack. So, there are dozens of cheats, apps, and mods available for this game. However, we always remind you of the harm caused by third-party products. However, it would help if you protect your devices at all costs.

Features Of FF Mod Apk

FF mod apk Game is quickly becoming one of the most popular arcade and battle royale games. Below are a few hacks it offers.  Further, you can download and play our suggested game Free Fire Mod APK and give your feedback in the comments.

Hack Menu

  • An auto-aimbot
  • Taking automatic headshots
  • Fire while aiming
  • Aim when scoped
  • Crouch with aim
  • Slider for shot rate
  • Changing FOV rate
  • The Aim Fov slider
  • Virus sensitivity
  • crosshairs are drawable
  • Select the crosshair size

General Features

  • Compete against 50 players on a deserted island in the arcade mode. 
  • You must kill your enemies, find weapons, and survive for ten minutes to win. 
  • In this version, you’ll find new weapons, vehicles, skins, and game modes. 
  • HD graphics will make your gaming experience more realistic. 
  • FF MAX Hack App offers a unique battle royale experience.
  • Defeat your enemies as a team.
  • With your family and friends, So you can play multiplayer games. 
  • You can give instructions to your squad via chat if they are not present.  

Installation Guide For FF hack App

  1. Click the download button. 
  2. Activate the “3rd party app installs” in your smartphone’s settings. 
  3. Alternatively, you can find the APK files using the download or file manager. 
  4. Follow the installation instructions on the screen. 
  5. Upon completion of installation, launch the app. 
  6. Create an account to challenge the world’s best battle royale players. 

Pros And Cons Of FF Mod APK


  • In apk files, there are no restrictions that you see in ios, so apk files are more popular.
  • Users can download apk files directly without requiring an account or registration.
  • Those in the official play store are restricted to certain regions.
  • A third-party apk site has the advantage that they offer the latest versions of the same apk.
  • You also get the apk file of the app so you can install it again.
  • Get access to some leaked apps and maybe even a paid app in the store.


  • There is no third-party app store because third-party apps are illegal.
  • The game developer wouldn’t want their premium features hacked or accessed using a cheat tool,
  • Developers make money from these things. They suffer from third-party apps.


In addition to these inbuilt cheats, the FF mod apk is free to use. The app can be downloaded and installed without root access on Android phones. Additionally, the file size is reasonable and shouldn’t cause any issues. This mod does not change the story, theme, graphics, or gameplay. You can still enjoy the same game. So, the FF Hack’s maps, environments, guns, safety accessories, and playing skills are very addictive. However, it is not a legal or official version of the game.

If APK Mart is the right place for you if you want safe & secure utilities. So, you can get the most advanced & updated items for online games here. After analyzing a cheating app, we inform the readers about it. It is your fault that everything went wrong in this respect, so don’t blame us. So,If you observe lag, instability, or slowness, you should stop using a mod. You can also try another option on this site. After that, you can share the FF Hack with others if it works as you expect.


Our website provides Free Fire Max battle royale hacks and cheats.

You can install it on Android devices running version 4.4 or higher.

It would help if you always took precautions before using this hack app, like using a new gaming account, as it is not 100% safe and legal to play on your smartphone.

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