Granny Mod APK (GOD Mode) V1.7.9 For Android

Granny mod apk is a well-known challenging and horror game for all operating system devices like Android and iOS. In this game, you will have to spend 5 days in the Granny’s house without being caught by the grandmother. You can choose any country of interest and enjoy unlocked internet on multiple servers. Furthermore, you can play the Pokemon Go Mod APK game if it’s not accessible in your region.

Always be cautious while walking in the house and using utensils of daily use.If you make a noise, grandmother will come and catch you red-handed. In the image, we are showing the granny mod menu apk.

She will put you in a respective room and trap you for a while. After trapping, you are given unlimited time to escape the trap before Granny comes again and finds you. So, shut all the doors and windows and used tools to escape from the granny house. Most of the household items are helpful to you from escaping.

The main objective is to escape from Granny’s house without being noticed by Granny. After exploring the mod apk, players are given more chances to survive. They are beyond the time limit to stay in Granny’s house.

If you are exhausted with conventional games, try the mod apk version of Granny. There are three modes of game, i.e., easy, medium, and challenging. Accessible mode is for beginners and comparatively easy to understand and learn.

In this mode, Granny saunters, and beginners are given more chances to escape and hide. On the other hand, medium and hard modes are for pro gamers. In these modes, Granny comes faster and listens to the sound of your footstep. In this way, Granny can easily trace your location in no time. 

Features Of Granny Mod APK

  • The main features of the Granny mod apk are its terrifying sounds and scary environment that make it more appealing and attractive.
  • Its latest mod graphic makes it more realistic. 
  • The game is composed in a dark, slum, and intensifying house.
  • Granny mod apk has more robust sound effects and better graphics.
  • While playing Granny mod apk, your heartbeat speedily bumps all the time.
  • Granny mod apk has fled you from the time limit of escaping. Now you are free from the clock ticking down.
  • Having more time, you are given more chances to use all household items in your favor and utilize them to be free from Granny’s house.
  • This game is also available in granny mod apk ios.
  • In the Granny mod, you are given unlimited resources to set yourself free from Granny’s clutches. Granny mod apk has all old and new versions and features in a mixed form. So, don’t worry and enjoy all your previous lovable unique features.
  • The game is also known as granny 3 mod apk, granny mod apk (mod menu), and granny mod apk unlimited ammo.

Granny Mod APk Menu

Granny mod apk has given to an opportunity to set the game according to your own choice and features. It has a menu to customize your game. You may choose easy, medium, or hard level per your expertise in-game.

You may enable or disable the clock ticking down for escaping from Granny’s house. The flashlight is another vital feature of the Granny mod apk. You may use ON/OFF the flashlight as per your own choice.

It can pave your way to escape from Granny House. Due to unlimited time, you can find and trace more tools hidden in Granny’s house. Granny mod apk is now more innovative, dynamic, scary, and atmospheric.

What To Do When Being Catch?

That is the game of hiding and seek when Granny catches the player. He is jailed in a room. Now it is up to the player to explore more hidden tools in the room to escape safely.

Granny mod apk has given more time and chances to players to escape from Granny House. Unfortunately, if you play without the mod version, you will have to play the game from the beginning after being caught. 

How To Download Granny Mod APK?

Its downloading is free for all in all operating systems. Mod version enables unlimited time for escaping and customizing its features per your requirements and expertise. You can download it directly from the prescribed website at any time. 

How To Install Granny Mod APK?

  • Go to the relative website and download Granny mod apk
  • From File manager and download directly, find apkpackages
  • Click on the app icon and download the start
  • After installing the Granny mod apk, enjoy it in your leisure time
  • If there is any error while installing the app, go to setting and allow all unknown apps to install
  • In case of any inquiry, you may write in the comment box

Concluded Statement

Granny mod apk is the most common gaming application among all the stores on android phones. This game broke records of downloads because of complicated tasks and difficult secret places. Our primary purpose is to deliver all the information about games and apps. You can comment in the comment section if you have any questions or queries about this game or any other game or application. 

Granny mod APK

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