Mini Militia Death Sprayer MOD Apk (Rocket Launcher With Saw Cutter)

As a Mini Militia player, your search for the Mini Militia Death Sprayer. With this modded version of the app, you can play Mini Militia mega unlimited features for free. You can find it all here. You need to kill six other players in a two-dimensional shooting game today.

Everything is unlocked and unlimited with this game mode, plus a new feature. The fire button lets you simultaneously launch rockets, saw cutters, and machetes.

It would help if you had all these deadly things for the mini militia game, so you click on fire, and your gun starts spraying them. You can shoot unlimited rockets, saw rockets, and machetes, and the best part is that you don’t have to reload them to use them again.

You can kill your enemies faster by holding the fire button. In seconds, you will win if you fly with unlimited nitro and spray rockets everywhere.

Features Of Mini Militia Death Sprayer

Weapon Defaults

Players are given Saw cutters and Rocket Launchers every time. The default dual-wield weapons are Rockets, Saw Cutters, and Machetes.

Single Shots

This feature causes enemies to die through gunfire if the player enables it. A single shot of the weapon fires five bullets, however.

Unlimited Ammo

As a result of this feature, all weapons have unlimited ammunition. Thus, it allows the players to continue firing without a time limit.

Unlimited Mines

The game also features unlimited mining. In this way, pitch sensor mines and rockets fly. Meanwhile, they travel until they find a place to stay.

Unlimited Nitro

It is not interesting to launch missiles from the ground in the game. As a result, the JetPack is infinite. There is constant drifting over the enemy. However, players must spray the rockets until opponents beg for mercy.

Pro Pack Unlocked

However, with this mod, players can get the pro pack and enjoy all its features. Gamers can purchase the pro pack from the Google Play Store to unlock all features.

Unlimited Zoom

In the fighting game, the players have guns with a 7x zoom; this includes the Saw Sprayer.


It is not necessary to reload the guns when fighting. In any case, the player does not need to reload their weapon to continue shooting.

Points For Battle

This feature will also allow players to earn extra battle points. With these additional points, they may have more chances to win the game.

Mod Features Of Mini Militia Death Sprayer

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Nitro/Boost
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • All guns have death spray.
  • All guns unlocked
  • Unlimited Grenades 
  • Reloading is not required

How To Install Mini Militia Death Sprayer

  • Install this mod after uninstalling any previous mini militia version. Just uninstall it, no matter what version it is.
  • Clear some space by deleting its files.
  • Download the modded version from below.
  • Whenever the game asks you to update, please do not do it. If you update the game, then the mod will disappear.
  • Enjoy the mod.


With so many new features, it has a lot to offer. Due to primary weapons, we have had to provide unlimited health. You can also download a version with limited health if you don’t like this unlimited health version.

We have thoroughly tested this mod on many devices, and it works perfectly. But if you run into any problems during installation or gameplay, just let us know in the comment section, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Mini militia game mod enhances the action and strategic gameplay in mini militia doodle army 2. Get into new territory by downloading the latest death sprayer mod

Mini Militia Death Sprayer
Is this a free and safe game for players to enjoy?

This game is free and safe for players to play. Additionally, the game’s unlimited modded features are free to use.

Is it possible to play Mini Militia offline?

Yes, this Mini Militia Mod Apk is also available for offline play. The gameplay is now available offline.

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