Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk v5.3.7 Latest Version

It is exciting to introduce another mod of mini militia mega mod APK. That is an Updated Version of the mini militia mod. Smaller than normal Militia mod apk involves endless wellbeing, expert marksman, ammunition quick, top off, and considerably more.

Additionally, it is a pro pack unlocked in this version so that you can promote your character with different avatar skins. However, this multitude of highlights is accessible for you in this Mini Militia’s most recent variant.

It is also called super mega mod by phoenix.

Mini Militia Mega Mod APK

What is Mini militia mega mod?

Contrary to Mini militia’s old version, it is updated and has all the famous mod features that pro players search for. So, it is trendy to the same extent in Pakistan and India as its name reveals that it has everything unlimited. In short, if you play reasonably, yours will highly boost your success rate.

It is observed that many websites are being claimed to provide mega mods, but actually, they don’t. After all, we are the ones that satisfy your demands of the latest mods and versions and ensure to run mods like Doodle army, Mini militia doodle army, and Mini militia super mega mod apk on all devices friendly.

Details & Requirements of Mini Militia Mod?

Application NameMini Militia Mega Mod Apk
Star Rating4.6/5.0
Current VersionV5.2.2
FormatAPK File
Requires Android5.0 and Up
CostIt’s Free
Offered ByMiniclip

Features of Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk?

User Interface:

User Interface:

It is multimode in all aspects, including,
well, modernized version, the addition of Radar, friendly use for your Device( IOS ), skill 90, highly recommended HD Mod, Pro Pack Unlocked, one-shot Kill, infinite ammunition, unlimited Nitro, a unique feature of dual Guns, 3d gravity, various appearance, and HD mod background.

However, the main feature is that six players combat online or 12 using domestic wifi. So, online training enhances your combating skills, cooperation, and survival modes.

Explosive And Guns:

Explosive And Guns:

Multitude weapons are included, like flamethrower, shotgun, and sniper. So, local multiplayer warfare, explosive online, Dual shooting control sticks, rocket boots for vertical flight, futuristic heavy duty weapons like a grenade, melee attacks with zoom control.

Above all, Militia Mega Mod Apk allows playing team-based battles in fun cartoons. Similarly, it depends on the first stickman shooter doodle armed force with input and ideas from players.

Best Sniper Guns:

Best Sniper Guns:

We feel immense pleasure to have your text, calls, and ideas for improvement.After all, if you want to get a saw gun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, extra avatar items, and wield dual ability, purchase Militia Mega Mod Apk.

Furthermore, in Militia Mega Mod, we included crossfire, suspension, and cliff maps to play quickly. Server security is also improved so that you can minimize hacking.



Hacking free experience is impressive by using login. When you use the old version, hackers and cheaters are chances. On the other hand, when you use a non-modified version, there are much improved options for detecting and blocking hackers. So be happy and be safe to use our app Militia Mega Mod Apk.

Therefore, Militia Mega Mod Apk has unique features of attachment of proxy mine anywhere, passing of bullets through walls, unlimited mine throw, four × speed mod, use of gun AK 47, bombard rocket, Highest bullet speed, highest bullet range, pro packed unlocked, laser gun, one shot death, colorful and appealing background, 6× life, 3d views of all guns, installation of Radar, no need of reloading, and unlimited fly power.

How To Install Mini Militia Mega Mod APK?

Installation of Mod is not tricky; follow the instructions and enjoy the game. It will take 5 minutes only. These steps are following:

  • If you have it on your device, you will have to uninstall the other Mod or version of the mini militia mod apk game.
  • But if you get Mod from my website, you need to update it.
  • When you install Mod on your device from an unknown source, it will ask permission to link an app outside the play store. Allow the app to install as it is 100 % safe and guaranteed. Go to the phone setting and enable it for an unknown source.
  • So, you can transfer or download any mod.
  • After that download, open it and install the Mod. It will take time.
  • Above all, turn off all your web affiliations and data.
  • Presently send off the game from the little volunteer army mod apk symbol from the landing page. After all launching, connect data and enjoy this marvelous Mod with all the latest features. 
  • It’s done

Screenshots of Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk

Unlimited Coins Mini Militia Mega Mod apk


Once, you should follow all means referenced above to introduce Mini Militia MOD Apk. After all, establishment, you will want to participate in the game straightforwardly from the Mini Militia MOD Apk symbol. It’s free, and if you feel any difficulty during installation, launching, browsing, or playing, you may contact me by writing in the comment box; So,I am here to resolve your technical issue skillfully. Similar Mini Militia Mods Mini Militia Mod Apk or Mini Militia For PC.


It is the most recent variant of the more minor than regular civilian army uber mod apk game.

Indeed, it is accessible and free to download. Make sure to. It has generally recommended elements of Mod.

Indeed, it has an android version as the more significant part of individuals have PDA. So it is effectively accessible for all in the play store.

This fantastic feature is incorporated in the Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk game. So, there is no need for internet after installation, and you can enjoy it of.

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