Mini Militia OLD Version MOD Apk Unlimited Everything (2022)

Those who love games will enjoy another fantastic game from us. The game includes action, adventure, fights, shooting, multiplayer mode, single mode, and many other features. Mini Militia old version mod apk is enjoyable. A player who survives a combat wins.

App NameMini Militia Old Version
Size43.73 MB
GenreShooter Game
DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
Ratings4.7 (1490)

In terms of addictive games, Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2 is a great choice. There are particular designs and styles in this 2D game. In 2D video games, the action occurs in two dimensions. There is a side-view camera effect in 2D video games, while the vertical-scrolling creates the illusion that the player is moving. There are many outstanding features in this game. It has excellent graphics.

OLD Version of Mini Militia

Features Mini Militia OLD Version Mod APK

Multiple Characters

Several characters are available in this game. The characters were all called Doodle. In this game, you fight and kill your enemies. Your doodle army can be funny, romantic, simple, or dangerous.

Graphics Design

It is specially designed for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. In this game, the player used 2D graphics. Your mobile screen will look fabulous with this fantastic look. Mobile devices running Android and iOS can play this game. 

Different Maps

In this game, you can choose from a variety of maps. The game allows you to select your favorite location before playing. It is up to you where the fight will take place.


This game offers many weapons to choose from. This game allows you to choose various weapons and kill the other enemy to win. The fall guys apk can be downloaded on Android devices. 

Why Old Version?

The older edition of the game will be delightful for the players. Battle for your life while leveling up your weapons and upgrading them. It’s a race to see who can last the longest. The game’s beginning can be challenging for new players. Initially, it’s hard to control the player because his feet are propelled by rockets.

Action to Play Mini Militia MOD APK

To defeat your opponents, you must use weaponry. Transform into something new. It would help if you made a new appearance. Have fun and enjoy the game. You can play multiplayer with your friends. Play games with your friends and kill your opponents. Download this Game Mini Militia for PC

The previous version of Mini Militia supported Android 3.0 Honeycomb. As a result, even a shoestring budget can play this ancient game.

How To Play The Mini Militia Old Version Mod apk?

Online play

Gamers can play the game both offline and online. You must install the game in the online mode, choose your play mode, and then click the host button to invite your friends. It’s even more fun to play with friends. A man can become perfect only through practice.

Combat preparation requires training. In Mini Militia Ancient, players can improve their play and combat skills through training. Put your talents to good use and defeat everyone. Due to the training mode, Mini Militia is now an innovative and engaging game.

Offline play

Users can play this game offline without a doubt. By downloading the game, you can play it alone. You can practice by using the ‘practice option.

As a beginner, you can explore nearly 20 maps. After gaining the ability to battle, you can defeat your opponents.

Guide to Install the MOD APK

  • You need to go to Android settings->Security Settings. Your system will then be able to access Unknown Devices.
  • Click on any of the appropriate links to download.
  • Your phone’s Download folder should contain it.
  • Once the app is installed, use it with satisfaction once it’s done.


The most popular online game, mini Militia, is full of exciting stories. There will be a pleasant experience for everyone because the players have different levels of power. We all have feelings in our hearts that we can share with others. Visit our website any time to download mini militia mod apk files!

Mini Militia Old Version Mod Apk

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