Pokemon Go Mod Apk Latest v0.265.0 (Fake GPS, Telepot & joystick)

Pokemon Go Mod APK is a popular game on Google play. Many gamers prefer playing adventure games on their Android smartphones. If you enjoy adventure games, you may find this game enjoyable. The game Pokemon Go is well-known to android gamers. The Pokemon television series inspired this game. Pokemon fans may enjoy this game if they watch the TV series.

Pokemon Go Mod APK

What is Pokemon Go Mod APK?

App NamePokémon GO
Latest Version0.247.1
MOD InfoTeleport,Joystick,Enhanced Throw

Pokemon GO is a popular game with artificial intelligence. Using it, you can capture Pokemon in real life. It uses your location and camera to show you pokémons that you can catch around your area. You move and roam around in real life as the game progresses. There are now more enhanced elements in this game. Android devices can benefit from its optimization. It is possible to catch your favorite Pokemon in real life and become a real-life trainer. You can now quickly learn the attacks and defense capabilities of Pokemon. There are no bugs in this game anymore. However, you can play it for free without even paying.

So, what’s the bottom line? If you want to play Pokémon Go, it’s best to do so without cheating. then first you try Pokemon Type Calculator to determine weakness and strengths of each pokemon and choose powerful pokemon to win all battles.



This game has an accurate map because it uses GPS and makes the game look realistic.

New Pokemon

After that, You can capture random pokemon in Pokemon Go to become a trainer from a new generation.

GPS Feature

Pokemon will show up on your actual location because GPS is used for real-time location, and this feature makes the game look excellent.

New Poke Items

In this game, you’ll find new pokemon items, In other words, including protein, pokemon balls, potions, berries, and healings to deal with pokemon problems.

3D Graphics

It has so good 3D graphics because of the GPS features, and your character moves when you take a step.


After all, You can play this game without paying a penny. Therefore game’s features are accessible without paying.

Technical issues resolved

Similarly, A recent update has resolved all the technical and in-game issues in this app; therefore, This app is constantly updated to fix problems and improve the game.

Bugs got fixed

Due to the update of game, there have been a lot of minor and major bug fixes.

Unlimited Coins

You get unlimited coins when you download the Pokemon go mod APK.
In conclusion, It is possible to purchase many items with these coins. In this game, most of the players like to purchase more items. You can download it by installing this APK on your android.

Gym Battles

Pokemon go mod apk would not be complete without the gym battle! You can choose from different gyms and take part in a gym battle! The three other gyms are Instinct, Valor, and Mystic. I invite you to participate in a gym battle to show off your skills and dominance over your opponents. After all ,getting involved in the community of this game makes it so much fun. It will allow you to bond with actual people while playing the game!

Pros and Cons



In this game, players will experience a world full of adventure and feel as if they are playing with real characters; therefore, the player will enjoy it a lot.

High Addiction:

After all ,you will play it for hours without getting bored since it is very addictive and full of mysteries.

3D Graphics:

Similarly, 3D graphics and realistic graphics make this game look natural and its GPS.


Heavier in size:

Despite the game’s of heaviness, it is not suitable for high-end devices as it takes up about 100 MBs and can go up to 300-400 MBs after installation.


This game can mess up a low-end device since it is heavy.

Battery Drainage:

You may drain your battery faster than usual because the game uses GPS.

How To Download Pokemon Mod APK:

  • Player must first go to your phone’s settings and download this game.
  • Check Unknown Sources after that, you go to the security settings on your phone.
  • User should now download the Game Pokemon Go mod Apk.
  • Make sure the game downloads appropriately, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Place the downloaded file in an accessible folder.
  • After that, click on the install button to open the file.
  • The game load after installation. After all, You can enjoy it.
  • Above all, Play with mods and have fun.


In conclusion ,It Is the time to experience the most realistic pocket monster journey ever! After that, You can install the Pokemon GO MOD APK on your smartphone by clicking the green download button below. There is one step left before you can enjoy features like Fake GPS, Zero Ad interface, and anti-ban protection. In addition, this game can be played on almost all Android smartphones, regardless of whether they are rooted. Have fun! Also try another games mod from our website.


Yes! It is 100% safe from all the security threats and issues, such as malware, viruses, spyware, and Trojans. This game is easy to download and play, and it keeps your system clean.

Yes! You can play this game for free. There are no fees or charges involved in playing this game.

The game is not very light and consists of about 100 MBs; however, it can increase to 300-400 MBs after installation.

Some users may experience game lag, and low-end devices may not be able to run it. The game installation process is made more accessible by clearing the data on your hard drive.

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